Get READY for SMBC!!

Congratulations BOP on another successful Saturday performance. 2011 was the last time the BOP was in third place at KMEA Quarterfinals. Your hard work and dedication is paying off. Now we’re off to State Semis. The rooming list for next weekend will be posted on the office window tomorrow. Make sure you bring your $44 payment ASAP. I have attached a packing list and some additional details about our over night trip to this newsletter. At this moment, KMEA website has not updated to reflect the names of bands, but a shell of performance times and locations for all band classifications, along with detailed ticket information can be located here. A final KMEA schedule should be available sometime tomorrow on the KMEA website and/or

This week in class

Monday, Tuesday Thursday - Marching band final rehearsals

Wednesday - Jazz 1 and Concert band, Veterans Day parade and program literature

Friday - Jazz 1 and Concert band until 2:00- at 2 we will goto the gym to prepare for the Pep Rally (wear your DCPRIDE Shirt and Jeans)

Fussell test for Mrs. Alward can be recorded and sent via email or uploaded to the Google classroom. You should have 4 individual Fussell examples

completed by the end of this week.

After School

Monday - Sectionals

Tuesday& Thursday - Regular rehearsal after school

Wednesday - Clarinet All District Help Session

Friday - Play a few pep band tunes for football team before we load buses at 4:30 for Lexington.


Becky Tillis